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Infoscreens that leave no question unanswered

The reliable and multi-functional concierge for all industries. The cohesive and attractive design of our infoscreens gets your message across poignantly.

100% Infotainment

Our infoscreens catch the eye. A clean screen design draws the viewer to the important content. In order to increase the dwell time, entertaining entries can also be added.
Digital communication in a historical environment. Read how our interactive solution alleviates nursing homes (in German) >>

Pictures need no words

Sometimes neither words nor texts are needed. Hit home with large-format images and bold headlines. The display duration can be adjusted and you determine the broadcast schedule.

Keep your message concise and let visuals do the talking. How? Read more here (in German) >>

An eye-catcher at the POS

An infoscreen is also suitable for (complementary) product information, presentations or explainer videos at your POS. An attractive showcase encourages impulse purchases.

In the right place at the right time - an infoscreen as a digital window display >>

Benefit 1: Customised to suit your content

Countless options for content display

What if a display didn't dictate what content is suitable for display, rather (almost) anything was possible?

The chameleon among digital displays: Many displays dictate what kind of information can be shown. Our infoscreens can be used in so many different ways that there are hardly any limits to your imagination. Use the screen as an information system, image display, advertising space, sales support, video wall, map and much more.

Intermissions only when you say: Our software plays your content 24/7, following the broadcasting schedule you define. That way your infoscreen can take on different tasks during different times of day. And at night? You decide whether it goes into standby or keeps entertaining.


Benefit 2: Show digital pioneering spirit

Win over viewers with unparalleled content

What if you were to display more than the local weather and transport connections, offering real added value with your content?

Information & entertainment in the staff area: In addition to publicly accessible information, you can add work schedules, internal news and notices. Our APIs offer you a wide range of possibilities to display external as well as internal information and ensure that your employees are well-informed and satisfied.

Functionality according to the time of day: Optimise your content according to the time of day and the needs of your guests, residents, employees or any target group. While in the morning the weather outlook is most relevant, in the evening it might be ideas for going out or what’s on the next day.

Benefit 3: More revenue at the POS

Relieve and support your employees and boost your sales at the same time

What if poignant images or targeted sales promotions supported your sales staff?

Clever content combinations: Add weather reports to your POS advertisements and draw your customers' attention to relevant products and services. Impulse purchases increase your revenues.

Advertise for yourself: Showcase what you have to offer. Whether it's clips from the local area to evoke an emotional response or a reference to your own loyalty program or in-house events, bring your message across digitally in the best possible manner.

A digital window display: Use the screen as an attractive and enticing prop in your window display to communicate with your audience clearly.


ibexinfo is suitable for all industries, especially for:

Tourism & Hospitality

Targeted and concise information in high traffic locations.

Nursing or care homes

The most important information of the day, presented clearly and legibly.


A digital welcome and current news for visitors and residents alike.

Banks & insurances

Exchange rates and relevant news from the stock exchange.


A digital sales assistant that supports staff front of house.

All industries

Diverse content and layout options set few limits to your ideas.

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